Tarot Testimonies


"Emily is a wonderful soul, I recently had a reading with her and it really was SPOT ON! I needed those words that day! My favorite part of the reading was at the very end when she pulled a couple of special cards from a sepreate deck. She did a beautiful job and I highly reccomend going to her for a reading!"


"An awesome read! She told me exactly what I wanted to know with no hesitation. Just a mention of my finances and she read me spot on. I would recommend her anytime!"


"Emily is amazing. Her reading was right on the money. She is incredibly insightful and intuitive. Thank you so much!"


"Emily responded in a professional and timely manner. She was spot on with everything and conformed everything I was asking. Very professional and private!"


"The reading I received came at just the perfect time. I needed clairity in regards to some life events. The feeling of acknowledgment and positive feedbcak gave me a peace and calm I've been searching for. Emily's abilities are so pure and honest I'm blessed to have found this resource. My confidence has grown. Help is here whenever I need her. Thank you Emily."


"She was so accurate! I will be coming back & I highly recommend her! Thank you!"


"I had an awesome read with Emily. She told me exactly what I needed to hear no sugar coating it and just straight to the point. I definitely would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a real and honest reading. Thank you again for your time and the message you delivered to me. Many blessings to you and I can't wait to book a reading with you again. 


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